Benefits of Membership

DCHI welcomes practising professionals within the field of Energy Efficiency of properties and associated services, and those who are in training on a recognised accreditation route to qualification as an Energy Assessor or Residential Property Surveyor.

Whatever your age, or experience, the text books and the exam room are unfriendly environments that must be tamed. DCHI know and understand the pressures on students because each and every qualified member has been there, and from their personal and academic uncertainties comes a collective wealth of knowledge that can help the student to a trouble-free route to qualification. The student is not alone. There are members who are there to help.

DCHI provides a route to market by connecting the service provider to the client and the best example of this is the online search facility to be found on the Home page.
DCHI can provide access to reduced rates on some services and equipment as well as cost effective continuing personal development (CPD). By keeping their cost down DCHI can help members be competitive in the market.
Monthly DCHI meetings are friendly and local ‘HUBS’ where you can gain business opportunities and build support links so that holiday and sickness relief can take away the uncertainty and stress of these events.
DCHI speak with a united voice, both locally and nationally and work to protect your established business relationships. DCHI believes in local services for local people and promotes direct access to members’ services, avoiding national agencies and panels which add cost but not value to the process, and often lower standards.
If you are professional and dedicated in your approach, qualified or training as a Residential Property Surveyor or Energy Assessor, and would like to join us we would be pleased to consider your application. To enquire about membership please complete an application form.
Annual membership is currently just £85 for qualifying professionals.

Please note that DCHI membership is for individual industry professionals. Each DCHI member is a real person, not a group or company. Log in details must not be shared with others and all members benefits are provided on a one per member basis. Members may choose to be listed on the public pages using a company or trading name but the membership must be held by an individual person.

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