About us

Originally formed as the Devon and Cornwall Home Inspectors Association and although remaining strongly Devon and Cornwall based DCHI now encompass a wider range of professions and supports members across Somerset, Dorset and further afield.

DCHI is a regional association of qualified and licensed Energy Assessors and Residential Property Surveyors which exists to support its members with providing the highest quality services to meet the changing needs of the public and local community.

For those who are selling or renting a property, whether residential or commercial, DCHI provides an online search facility to enable them to find the appropriately qualified professional in their area.

DCHI members work in the community they live in and peace of mind comes from the clients knowing they are in the hands of local people with local values.

For the industry professional, DCHI are an Association of which can provide support and continuing development as well as working with other groups and representative bodies to enable harmonisation between the market place and the needs of the clients in an ever changing world.